07 March, 2009

Tag - 5 things

Taged by Nonnie. Here they goes...

5 things found in my tote bag:
- Spectra 3 breastpump
- Notebook
- Pen
- 2 nos. of pendrive
- Mama pad bag

5 things found in my wallet:
- Some amount of money
- My kiddies MyKid
- All sort of cards (Green Card, Credit Card, etc.)
- My previous maid's Medical Card... apakah??
My daughter's bracelet... patutla..

5 favorite things in my room:
- My queen bed
- My pillows
- My 6ft wardrobe
- My dresser
- My table lamp (wedding present by our x-classmate Civillian 2 TIKL 96/97)

5 things I've always wanted to do:
- Become a WAHM
- 2nd honeymood to winter country
- Homeschooling
- Sew my own nursing blouse
- Get a job that nearer to my house

5 things I’m currently into:

- Blogging … haha.. this for sure
- Reading “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer
- Transforming our 2nd family hall upstairs to study area
- Searching and preparing some stuff for my kiddies activity
- Training Muqry to wake us up at night if he wants to pee

5 persons to tag:
Mama Amana


m-i-o said...

eh, nama aku pn ada?
nnti aku buat ehh...tp kne tunggu line clear dulu la...kekeke;)

m-i-o said...

eh, sapa pulak yg bg ko table lamp tu? romantik la pulak;)

me_czar said...

Sila buat.. jangan tak buat yer..

Hmm.. ejai & the gang yang bg. Kongsi ramai2.

:: s o l :: said...

alaa tetiba kne tag.. cisssssssss ok nnt sol wat hahaahha..

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