29 April, 2009

Tag - Photofunia

A tag from Nonnie (thanks for remembering me...).

1st, download your favourite photo using effects at http://www.photofunia.com/

1. Do you think you are HOT? Yes, HOT TEMPERED

2. Why do you like this picture? Nuryn looks sooo cute (in original photo) and I loves that cat as well

3. When was the last time you ate pizza? Maybe half a year ago…

4. The last song you listen to? Matahari – from my colleague MP3

5. What are you doing right now besides this? BQ for U*M project

6. What name u prefer besides yours? Hmm… don’t think I’ve got any

7. People to tag 1) Sol 2) Mama_amana 3) M-I-O 4) Bibimie 5) Salwa

8. Who is no.1? Her hubby was my hubby’s x-housemate

9. No.3 is having relationship with? Mr. Izwan; her hubby of course (did I spell it right?)

10. Say something about no.5? She just tagged me. So I tag her in return ;P

11. How about no.4? Blogger friend whom I knew from SI gathering

12. Who is no.2? My best friend since childhood and still the best among others

13. Others? None


chilun @ cik pau @ bibimie said...

ngeh ngeh ngeh.... yang aritu punya pun lom buat... kui kui kui... kerja kumpul tags jerk laa...

me_czar said...

Saje nak bagi lagi.. baru ada reason bie nak update blog hari2 ;p

:: s o l :: said...

ayark. baik, nanti ku buat.

nonnie78 said...

myza. thanks sbb jawab. ada new tag for you, collect frm my blog. just do it when u r free, okay.

mirah said...

ops kena tag lagi ke. Haha yg hari tu pun belum buat lagi..Takpe takpe akan ku cuba menjawabnya.. :)

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